Harmless Home being constructed

Arno describing the project to the group

Tesla owners from Victoria recently learned about Arno Keinonen’s new Harmless Home being constructed using hemp and lime blocks. The home is perched on a rocky hill overlooking the beautiful Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains. Ten Teslas convoyed from the Royal Bay Bakery, arriving to clear skies and a warm sunny day at Arno’s new home, located near East Sooke Park.

Arno already has solar power in his current home, and charges his Tesla using the Sun’s energy most of the time. This new home will use many more solar panels and have battery storage as well. The home is designed to do the least harm to the environment that is possible, given some limitations imposed by building codes and availability of suitable materials.

Features of the home:

  • integrated greenhouse where food will be grown
  • waste water treatment plant that will emit “clean” water
  • use both rainwater catchments and a well with storage tanks and filters for potable water
  • passive and active heating and cooling
  • take advantage of the huge insulating rating of the hemp/lime blocks
  • minimizing off-gassing with careful choice of materials and finishes
  • generate and store electricity, but still connect to the BC Hydro grid using net metering

Harmless Home video by TeslaXCanada – used with permission

2 thoughts on “Harmless Home being constructed”

  1. Hello Arno,
    The project looks fascinating!
    I am wondering about the performance of your hemp block home ?
    We are looking at this product for a small home in the Metchosin area.
    Thanks for your assistance

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